Scaly Face Mite

Scaly Face Mite are a very displeasing bug found commonly in Budgerigars, but which can invade any bird. These mites tunnel into your birds leaving in their wake a thick, scaly, crusty residue. If you suspect your bird might be infected by Scaly Face Mite, you should consult your vet immediately.

The cere is the tissue above the beak of the budgerigar, and the most common place that Scaly Face Mite will burrow into. A healthy cere is smooth and hard, the nostrils are open and there are no signs of any abnormalities. The cere of male budgerigars is blue while female budgies have brown/tan ceres.

Scaly Face Mite (or Burrowing Mites) are most common in budgerigars, but many bird species are susceptible. This vile mite burrows in, feeding on keratin. They leave characteristic honeycomb lesions as they burrow deeper into the tissue around the cere. Eventually, they make their way down the beak, affecting not only the beak, but the cere and the eyelids. They also attack the legs and feet of the bird. In really severe cases, the bird’s vent can be infested.

Burrowing Mites are harmless to humans, so there is no risk of an infection to us – however the mites are highly contagious to birds, and any infection must be contained! You can only do this by treating all the birds in your aviary. Vetafarm’s Avimec is a highly effected treatment against Scaly Face Mite and is simple to administer. Treating this mite may require patience, depending on the condition of the bird and severity of the infestation. It can be as simple as applying Avimec, and keeping on track with treatments. If you do this, you’ll subdue this despicable mite with little hassle. These mites only live on the bird, so it is not necessary to treat the cage with a mite spray – plus many of the agents are highly toxic and can harm your birds! If you need to spray your aviaries with an insecticide, use a 100% safe for all animals product such as Avian Insect Liquidator.

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