“I decided to try Vetafarm Neocare when my usual go-to formula wasn’t available. I chose Neocare over others as I had noticed that Linda from Macaws and More swears by it and I thought ‘why not’.

I was, at the time, hand-rearing cockatiels and was honestly shocked as to how quickly they took to it. It normally takes a few feeds for babies to take to my old formula, yet straightaway there was no issue.

It was within a week it had dawned on me how they were gaining weight so fast and the feathers coming out seemed fuller and healthier. I have now raised a second clutch of cockatiels and I had the same result, good sized with improved feather quality. Absolutely will continue using this product.

I also use the Vetafarm Nutriblend pellets for the parrots and they love them. Thanks so much!”  

Neocare is Vetafarm’s most advanced hand-rearing formula. It was formulated by avian veterinarians to provide optimal nutrition, growth and development for all species of baby birds.

This product contains fresh Australian ingredients and is fortified with all necessary vitamins, minerals, calcium and amino acids for growing bones, organ function and strong feather development. Neocare contains probiotics to promote healthy gut flora and pre-digestives to increase gut efficiency and ensure maximum nutrient absorption.

The extrusion process is used to create Neocare for safety and increased digestibility.


Ashleigh R
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Neocare Nutriblend Small

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