Supporting domestic pets in need by partnering with North East Animal Sanctuary

Vetafarm is proud to support North East Animal Sanctuary. Based in Tasmania, North East Animal Sanctuary takes in unwanted domestic pets, has them desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, and then rehomed back into the community.

North East Animal Sanctuary rescues dogs, cats and small animals. We have had the pleasure of working with North East Animal Sanctuary and supplying them with a range of products to support them in the work they do.

The North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania are super happy to partner with Vetafarm! We always seek out high quality, affordable Australian made and owned products where possible, and Vetafarm meets the bill. Being a domestic animal sanctuary, we have a variety of little four legged friends with a whole bunch of different requirements, and we’re often asked to take on animals with special needs when other rescues can’t help out, so having an amazing company like Vetafarm behind us to help us do what we do is terrific. We wouldn’t hesitate – and have! – to recommend Vetafarm to our supporters and adopters.

Megan – North East Animal Sanctuary

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