Without a clean environment, your falcon may struggle to thrive. Add these simple steps to your cleaning schedule to optimise your falcon’s health and well-being.

Clean Housing

Keeping your falcon’s housing clean from feces, food debris, and other waste will help to remove bacteria from the cage. Disinfecting perches, floors, and equipment will help to prevent the spread of disease, mites and lice infestation.

Water Quality

Providing your falcon with access to clean water and frequently disinfecting water bowls and feeding dishes regularly will help prevent harmful bacteria growth.

Food Hygiene

Storing your falcon’s food properly will help to prevent contamination and spoilage.

Air Condition

Cleaning air conditioner filters should be completed frequently, as they are a major source of spreading aspergillosis.

Waste Disposal

Feces and other waste materials should be disposed of in a sanitary manner, away from areas where falcons are kept, to help prevent the spread of disease.

Pest Control

Ensure that there are no insects in the environment surrounding the falcon and its housing, as they will contribute to the spread of disease. Falcon Insect Liquidator* is safe to use on falcons and their environment. Immediately controlling insects on contact and providing six weeks of protection.

* This product is not for sale in Australia

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