Converting companion lorikeets to a low sugar diet

In the wild, lorikeets forage and fly around to collect their food sources, primarily feeding on nectar, pollens, fruits, berries, blossoms, and buds. These foods are naturally sweet and provide lorikeets with plenty of energy. This energy is easily exerted in the wild during daily activities. Companion lorikeets do not have access to the same variety of food, which is why it is essential to ensure their diet is nutritionally balanced and meets their specific dietary needs. Many commercial diets are made using high amounts of refined sugar, which can impact the overall health of your lorikeet and lead to behavioural and health issues.

Vetafarm has formulated four different lorikeet diets, which are inspired to mimic the natural diet of wild lorikeets and give you options. Made from natural and high quality ingredients, free from artificial colours, by-products and high levels of refined sugars – Our diets are specifically designed to provide companion lorikeets with the necessary nutrients for optimal health and wellbeing.

How to convert your bird?

  • Let your lorikeet investigate the new food before they try it, as this is a natural instinct.
  • Introduce the new food as a wet mix rather than a dry powder – Forest Fusion, Wild Earth, and Golden Lori Rice are all able to be fed as a wet or dry mix.
  • Add wet mixture to your bird’s favourite treat or onto your hand when feeding for the first time.
  • Add fresh fruit and vegetables to feeding bowls to help with enrichment.

What to do if your bird still isn’t taking to the food?

If your lorikeet doesn’t take to the wet mixture, there’s no need to worry. Your lorikeet may just be used to its high sugar diet, and the transition to a new food may just take a little extra time. Mix 75% of their old diet with 25% of their new diet into one bowl – wet or dry. Over the next 5 days, you can slowly begin to increase the amount of the new wet mix by around 10% per day. Once you reach day 5, 75% of the mix should be the new food. If your lorikeet seems to be enjoying it, try only feeding the wet mix the following day.

It is important to monitor your bird during this process until you are confident that they are happily eating their new Vetafarm formula. If you feel concerned about your bird, please seek advice from your veterinarian.

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