I first came across Taco being kept in a small incubator with slimy green water and no food. He had no perches and was covered in his own poop. His two brothers had died. I was offered to take Taco home with me (he got his name from the taco box he traveled home in). I immediately said yes, not knowing if he’d tolerate my Bourke Parrot, Pippin, but I knew I could work out more space if necessary. 

Taco immediately began on a mix of budgie seed, dried veg, and Vetafarm Budgie Crumbles. I also gave them both fresh, finely chopped veggies daily (one of Pippin’s favourite things). Taco also began on Vetafarm Multivet as he was moulting and needed all the help he could get to survive and become healthy again. 

Within a couple of weeks, Taco was plump, clean, and active. He began to play with toys and eat everything in sight. He finally gets to hear native birds through the window and has natural wooden perches for him to chew and stand on. He tweets all day and kisses my Bourke Parrot. 

I switched them both to the Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini pellets, and they love them. 

But their favourites are still leafy green veggies every morning. 

Taco has found his forever home with me. No bird deserves less just because they can’t complain like people about being hungry or bored. Taco is a beautiful little budgie and while he has no interest in letting me touch him, I don’t mind. He is happy and healthy and very beautiful. 


Josie Eynaud
Poor Health
Nutriblend, Multivet and Love!
Full recover in
2 weeks
Products used
Nutriblend Mini Finch & Budgie Crumbles Multivet Liquid

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