By Bridgett K


A few weeks ago I adopted some 2 week old baby cockatiels from a man who couldn’t care for them anymore to hand rear them myself.

These aren’t the first babies I’ve hand reared so I noticed as soon as I got them home that one of the little bubs had what I thought to be sour crop, he was skinny and lethargic so I flushed his crop immediately and the contents I flushed out told me that this poor baby had a severe yeast infection. Later on I learnt that he also had crop stasis which was not good news for this little one.


I acted fast and took him to an avian vet and the vet prescribed him a round of medication. After his medication was finished and he was cleared of any infection he still seemed down and out so I mixed your Avian Synbiotic into his formula as recommended by an avian specialist to boost his immune system and it worked wonders.

“He successfully overcame his infection and is now a thriving, vibrant baby bird thanks to your fantastic product, without it I’m not too sure if he’d still be here today.”

Bridgett K

After achieving such great results with Synbiotic, I have now begun using it as a daily supplement for my cockatiel flock and my Galah to support their immune and digestive systems and help keep them in the best shape and health possible.


Bridgett K
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