Hello, my name is Donna Wilson and I am the Managing Director of the Zambi Native Wildlife Retreat in Western Sydney. The retreat cares for many large carnivores which include lions, tigers, wolf dogs and dingoes.

The carnivores are fed a raw meat diet. Even though our carnivore diet is fed out in a natural form (meat on the bone with hide) a complete wild diet can never be replicated in a captive environment. A wild tiger, for instance, does not just eat meat, it eats animals – animals which provide the big cats with a nutrient balanced diet. This is why so much importance is placed on a captive tiger’s diet, to ensure optimal health.

A quality supplement powder that can be dusted on the meat aides in providing important vitamins, minerals and calcium that they would naturally be missing eating raw meat alone.

Vetafarm’s Predamax Carnivore Supplement is our product of choice for all our meat eaters – not just the big cats.

Having worked with large carnivores for 26 years I know how easily they can be put off their meat if it does not taste right and this is where, the natural meat flavoured taste of Predamax makes it so easy to provide the supplement into their diet. There is never any turned up noses, dinner time at Zambi.

Thank you Vetafarm for creating and providing our meat eaters with such a
beneficial and tasty product!


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