Parrot trainer Carmen McGill has been working with birds for more than 30 years and rescue parrot Miranda (pictured on the right) was the worst rehabilitation case she had ever seen. The beautiful Macaw had been severely traumatised by a bigger and stronger male bird, did not trust anyone and could not fly.

Miranda nearly died from blood loss due to self-mutilation, repeatedly ripping out her tail feathers and screaming. Carmen spent three years rehabilitating Miranda, which took a lot of patience, love, tears and determination to win the parrot’s trust. Halfway through Miranda’s rehabilitation, Carmen began trialling Parrot B-Calm.

“Within a week I could clearly see a difference!” she said. “Parrot B-Calm took the edge off – it wasn’t making her sleepy, just more relaxed.” 

Today, Miranda has all her feathers, a boyfriend named Ares and laughs a lot. And she can fly! Of course, behavioural training is still required as Parrot B-Calm is not a ‘fix all’ but an aid for birds who are stressed and anxious.


Carmen M
Stress and Anxiety
Parrot B-Calm