When I first brought my cockatoo home, he was very quiet. After a week I took him for a vet check-up and had all the normal tests done. He tested positive for psittacosis. He was very sick. It took two rounds of eight Doxy injections and a 45 day water treatment to get rid of it.

After that, he still wasn’t well after having so many antibiotics and being so young. We then put him on rotations of Synbiotic and Multivet. We also converted to Vetafarm pellets at the same time. He is now a very happy, very healthy 2 year old cockatoo!


Sarah A
Gut and health imbalance due to antibiotics
Conversion to Vetafarm pellets and use of Multivet and Synbiotic
Products used
Synbiotic Avian Support Multivet Liquid

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