By Peter Birch – CrittaCam Presenter, Reptile Breeder and
Co-Author of The Complete Children’s Python


We have a few variety of skinks and we produce a few litters of skinks including blue tongued lizards every season and on occasions we see twins, often excited but usually ends up with one or both siblings passing away due to their lack of size, strength, robustness and not being switched on to feeding.


We added Vetafarm EctoTherm Booster (previously known as HerpaBoost) into our feeding routine for one of these small struggling twin survivors who was around a third of the size of the rest of the litter. It was reluctant to feed no matter what we offered it. 

We offered 3g of EctoTherm Booster and placed it into the blue tongue’s mouth on a daily basis for around 5-7 days. Around day 6 it seemed to trigger a typical blue tongue response to food – it ate quickly put on weight and size.

“I can honestly say in my 40 odd years of keeping reptiles I’ve never seen such a turn around and was amazed how it has helped this little blue tongue to survive.”

Peter Birch

I must admit, we were very skeptical at first about EctoTherm Booster but, as always, we are willing to try new therapies to enhance the wellbeing of the animals we keep. Thanks, and it will be kept close for any future use!


Peter Birch
Blue Tongue Lizard
EctoTherm Booster
Full recover in

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