By Glen Dewhurst of Wildlife Australia.


Wildlife Australia has been using Vetafarm Predamax for the past year on our pure-bred dingo packs. Upon a visit from the Vetafarm team to Wildlife Australia (Kaarakin), a discussion was held about the diet of our dingoes. They explained that feeding a raw meat diet was good however it lacked essential vitamins and minerals.


Within the first 6 months we fed the Predamax to some of the dingoes and the difference over that period between the animals who did receive it and those that didn’t was extraordinary.

“We were and are amazed at the softness of the coats and the overall health of the dingoes in our care”.

Glen Dewhurst

The dingoes enjoy the taste of Predamax with their meat and I believe this is because of the addition of real Australian kangaroo meat.


Glen Dewhurst
Lacking vitamins and minerals
Improve coat quality and general wellbeing
Full recover in
6 months
Products used

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