Over the past 30+ years, Vetafarm has formulated a wide range of avian diets – from base nutrition to species-specific diets. Our diets are designed to replicate the wild environment of individual types of parrots to ensure their captive nutrition is the best that it can be. 

Check out three of our amazing species-specific diets; South American Mix, Paradise Pellets and Macaw Nuts!

South American Mix

Ideal for: South American birds such as conures, quakers, macaws and amazons.

South American Mix has been formulated to provide high quality nutrition that specifically suits the dietary requirements of South American birds. With fresh Australian grown almonds, balanced amino acids, vitamins and minerals for optimum growth, breeding, brain function and optimum feather development.

The pellets have been extruded for quicker absorption and uptake of nutrients, increased palatability and food safety. South American Mix is made from human grade ingredients grown in Australia with added fresh nuts for stronger palatability.

Watch Adele from Wildlife Unleashed talk about South American Mix

Macaw Nuts

Ideal for: Macaws and other South American parrots – but also suitable for Australian and Asiatic parrots.

Macaw Nuts were designed by avian veterinarians as a species specific formula designed for South American parrots, containing all the necessary nutrition for general maintenance, as well as increased fatty acids, protein, vitamins and calcium to support egg production, young bird growth and general breeding.

Macaw Nuts contains fresh nuts to appeal to exotic parrots and replicate their natural diet.

Extrusion cooked for increased palatability and food safety.

Watch Zambi Wildlife Retreat unbox Macaw Nuts

Paradise Pellets

Ideal for: Eclectus and other Frugivorous (fruit eating) tropical parrots.

A frugivorous natural diet consists mainly of fresh native fruits and their kernals. Paradise Pellets have been formulated to replicate the natural diet of these birds with fresh Australian grown fruit, low iron levels and a high level of vitamin A, to ensure a nutritionally balanced and complete diet.

Paradise Pellets are extruded to unlock natural flavours, improve digestibility and ensure food safety.

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