Reptile Shedding

Reptiles slough (shed) their skin naturally multiple times a year. The process occurs when the skin is old, damaged or if the skin no longer fits them anymore. Unlike humans, reptiles’ skin can not fluctuate; when they change in size, their skin must shed to make room for new skin. Younger reptiles often shed more than older reptiles as their bodies grow and consistently change in size. Snakes often shed their skin in one piece, and this can occur multiple times a year. Lizards mostly shed their skin in pieces, which can cause constrictions and discomfort, particularly around the toes and tails.

How do I know if my reptile is shedding?

Before your reptile begins to slough, the skin can begin to darken. Once the skin darkens, an oily substance will form between the new and old skin to help the shedding process to begin. Your reptile can shed for around two weeks, and it is recommended that you do not handle your reptile during this time as you may interfere with the shedding process.

How can I help my reptile shed?

Shedding Mist helps to ease potential constrictions by hydrating and conditioning the skin naturally, assisting with a stress-free and easy shedding process. Simply shake the bottle and spray directly onto your reptile. Repeat daily until the sloughing process is completed.

Poor nutrition may negatively impact the sloughing process. Providing your reptile with a nutritious diet specific to their species is advised. If your reptile experiences ongoing shedding issues, please consult your veterinarian for advice.

Watch how Critta Cam uses Shedding Mist with his blue tongues.

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