Giving Baby Birds The Best Start To Life

The importance of nutrition throughout breeding

Everything the chick will rely on in its first stages of life will be deposited within the egg by the hen bird when the egg is laid. Therefore, parents fed a diet of nutrient-poor seeds may unintentionally provide a poor start to the9r chick’s life, or worse yet, not have enough nutrients to lay an egg able to support any life at all.

While seeds do contain some of the nutrients essential for egg production, they are quickly depleted when the birds begin to lay Calcium and Vitamin D3 are required in larger quantities which are not found in seeds.

When the eggs have hatched, feeding healthy food or supplements to the parents ensure that they are passing along these nutrients to their chicks, giving a proper start to life for parent-reared babies.

A Vetafarm breeding diet, such as Breeder Pellets or South American Mix is a great way to make the complexities of balanced breeding nutrition easy to mange, as al essentials for breeding and healthy egg production are included.

If feeding seed, using a supplement combination to fill the nutritional gaps is a must. Either Calcivet or D’Nutrical can be used as a calcium and vitamin supplement, in conjunction with Breeding Aid to provide essential fatty acids.

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