What is coccidiosis?

Coccidia is a common protozoan parasite that causes the disease Coccidiosis in, most commonly, birds – but also in reptiles and mammals. It is a parasite that invades intestinal tissue, and causes a lot of damage very quickly. This is the life cycle of the parasite, and how it is spread from bird to bird.

What are are the symptoms?

Symptoms can include the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Fluffed feathers
  • Loose droppings
  • Blood in droppings (black in colour)
  • Sudden death

It is an acute disease, as birds get sick and die very quickly, and in big numbers.

The key is to act quickly with treatment, and get the environment cleaned up and disinfected immediately.

What are the causes?

  • There are a number of mostly environmental factors that can cause Coccidiosis. A few of the common ones are:
  • Warm, humid and moist conditions increase the risk of infection exponentially.
  • Organic matter build-up on floors of aviaries and pens.
  • Overcrowded areas cause the build up of organic matter, and stress which causes the immune system to weaken.
  • Contaminated water is an issue. Birds will often get faeces in their water, which they then drink and is a huge
    transmission risk.
  • Any animal that grazes on the ground is at an increased risk.

How to treat your bird and remove coccidiosis from their environment

Treatment of Coccidiosis in pigeons and ornamental birds is simple with Vetafarm’s Coccivet. It kills the parasites within your bird, which allows them to begin recovery. Our Coccidiosis treatment has much better activity against parasites than Sulphur treatments. Coccivet is completely safe, very effective, and mixes easily in water. Once you have treated the birds, their aviary MUST be cleaned and disinfected before they are placed back in. The infection can lie dormant in the warm, moist conditions for weeks, meaning your birds will re-contract it. Aviaries must be cleaned out with a disinfectant such as Avicare, and left clean and DRY so the disease cannot survive in there.