Psittacus erithacus/timneh

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African Greys are highly intelligent parrots that are known for their abilities to mimic speech and sound effects. Some African Greys have been known to learn up to 1500 words, and have an intelligence level of up to a five year old child. Due to this, they are recommended for experienced bird owners and those who have the time to keep them stimulated and well trained to prevent boredom and behavioural issues.


There are 2 types of African Grey parrots. The Timneh, and the more common Congo. What makes them different? The Congo has grey feathers with a bright red tail and a black beak, while Timneh’s are a dark charcoal colour with maroon tail feathers and a red tinge to the beak. Timneh’s are also the smaller of the two African Greys, weighing 275-400 grams while the Congo ranges from 400-650 grams.


African Greys live for an average of 50 years, but some have been known to live much longer – up to 70-80 years!


African Greys are recommended for pet owners that are highly experienced with birds, and are seriously committed. African Greys are among the most highly intelligent birds, so they need plenty of mental stimulation and enrichment.


The African Grey is mostly frugivorous, with their diet consisting of fruit, seeds and nuts while occasionally eating insects and snails. A specific diet for the African Grey can be difficult to replicate every day for a possible 50 years of a parrots life, which is why Vetafarm have designed a pelleted diet with the exact nutrition that these exceptional parrots require.

Although called ‘South American Mix’, this diet is highly suitable for African Greys. Containing fresh nuts and packed with all the essential vitamins, minerals, calcium and organic oils for the perfect health, Vetafrm has your African Grey covered!

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South American Mix (Available in: 350g, 2kg, 10kg)