Pigeon Respire

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Excellent health and fitness are essential for racing pigeons. Respiratory diseases are common in pigeons and they are a major cause of poor performance and pigeon loss during the racing season.

Mucus and discharge can severely restrict oxygen transfer in the lungs. Respire tablets contain a broad spectrum antibiotic to help fight infection as well as Bromhexine to clear the mucus and prevent blockage of the airways from environmental or infectious agents.

This ensures a healthy respiratory system and optimum performance.

*** Not for sale in Australia.***

Pigeon Respire Tablets were formulated by avian veterinarians to fight infection and clear the mucus that causes blockage of the airways.
Contains Doxycycline, a highly effective, broad spectrum antibiotic, that fights of common respiratory infections, where a definitive diagnosis cannot be made.
Bromhexine is a mucolytic medicine used to break up excessive or thick mucus associated with airway congestion.

Give one tablet daily for 7-10 days.


Store below 30ºC (Room Temperature) out of direct sunlight.


3 years from the date of manufacture

25mg Doxycycline, 1mg Bromhexine.