Predamax Topper for Dogs and Cats

Item number: __00746

A fine powder supplement that provides essential vitamins, minerals and a dual source of calcium to balance the diet of dogs and cats fed on raw meat.

Daily use – For dogs and cats fed on a raw/homemade diet, those lactating or pregnant, growing puppies and any dog or cat in need of a nutritional boost.
– Vitamins, minerals and calcium support bones, coat, brain, eyes and immune function.
Naturally Flavoured – With kangaroo meat and microfined for excellent application.

Predamax meal toppers are suitable for both cats and dogs.

It can be difficult to ensure that dogs are receiving their necessary nutritional requirements, as not all diets provide adequate amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals that our pets need.
Raw feed, and low-grade kibble may have unbalanced nutritional value.

Older dogs, lactating bitches, puppies and working dogs are at higher risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Predamax has been formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists, and provides 25% of the NRC daily vitamins and mineral requirement for canines.
Provides a boost of essential vitamins and minerals with a dual source of calcium to support daily wellbeing with nutrients essential for bone, coat, brain and immune function.

Before use: Gently shake bottle, then aim nozzle in bin and pump 3-5 times to prime pump with correct dose of powder. Once primed, aim nozzle at food and dispense pumps as per directions below. Gently shake before each use.

Adult Maintenance: Spray food with 2 pumps of predamax per 5kg bodyweight once daily.

Growing, lactating or pregnant animal dose: Spray food with 4 pumps of predamax per 5kg bodyweight once daily

50g package contains approx. 350 pumps


Please ensure nozzle is clean and dry before and after each use. Store in a cool, dry place.


3 years from the date of manufacture

Per kg:

Calcium 236g

Phosphorus 105 g

Vitamin A 690,000 IU

Vitamin D3 70,000 IU

Vitamin E 145 mg

Vitamin B1 320 mg

Vitamin B2 610 mg

Vitamin B6 200 mg

Vitamin B12 0.7 mg

Pantothenate 680 mg

Niacin 2100 mg

Folic Acid 10 mg

Choline Bitartrate 15 mg

Salt 37 g

Iodine 53.2 mg

Iron 1320 mg

Cobalt 13.8 mg

Magnesium 1280 mg

Manganese 186 mg

Zinc 221 mg

Sodium Chloride 110.2g