Falcon Ronivet-SF

Item number: __30389

In-Water treatment for frounce in Falcons, ideal for use on a group of falcons or when food intake is limeted.

*** Not for sale in Australia.***

Falcon Ronivet-SF was formulated by avian veterinarians as the safest and most effective treatment for severe Trichomoniasis (Frounce/Canker). Trichomoniasis is a common disease in hunting falcons. Frounce may severely affect the throat and gut of the falcon leading to ill-health, poor performance and death.

Trichomoniasis is often seen at times of stress or injury. Ronivet-SF contains Ronidazole - the safest, most effective and reliable treatment for protozoa in birds.

Common Frounce symptoms include: Vomiting, bad breath, weight loss, weakness and inflammation of the mouth and eyelids.

Mix 1g (1 enclosed scoop) of Falcon Ronivet-SF per 1L of drinking water.

Remove all other sources of drinking water during treatment and mix fresh solution each day.

Treat for 7 days.


Protect from light. Store below 30°C (room temperature).


3 years from the date of manufacture

60mg/g Ronidazole