Aquatic Mammal Chews

Item number: __00055

Marine mammals, particularly those fed on frozen fish diets, are susceptible to nutritional deficiencies. Aquatic Mammal Chews provide crucial vitamins where levels may be low. They are suitable for all aquatic mammals including Seals, Otters and Dolphins, and are easily administered by inserting them into the gills of frozen fish.

Aquatic mammal chews were formulated by Veterinarians to provide essential vitamins to aquatic mammals fed on frozen fish diets. The chews are easily administered by inserting into the gills of frozen fish.


Give half a chewable per Kg of fish fed.

Insert into the gill space of fish immediately prior to feeding.


Store below 30°C in a dry place.


3 years from date of manufacture

Per chewable:

Vitamin A 8000IU

Vitamin E 120mg

Thiamine 100mg

Riboflavin 8mg

Pyridoxine 8mg

Pantothenic Acid 8mg

Folic Acid 320µg

Biotin 250µg