Founder and Director

BVSc.(Hons) MACVSc.
BMSc. (Pharmaceutics)

Tony Gestier is a veterinarian, co-founder and the director of Vetafarm. He graduated from Sydney University in 1979 (BVSc) and formed a strong interest in avian and exotic animal medicine. Tony then passed his Australian College of Veterinary Science examinations in Avian Medicine in 1986 (MACVSc). He also completed study in Pharmaceutical Manufacture (BMSc) and specialist animal nutrition.

Tony co-founded Vetafarm in 1990 after identifying a lack of treatments in the avian industry. Soon after, Tony took sole ownership of Vetafarm and began developing even more innovative solutions for animals of all kinds – small animals, reptiles, dogs & cats, zoo, marine and more.

The philosophy of Vetafarm is to do the right thing by the animals. We're constantly driven by that at all levels of the company. We're here because of the animals.

Dr Tony Gestier

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