I was looking for a way to increase size in juvenile snakes whilst maintaining a healthy weight and boosting the quality of the food items I was giving them.

I was recommended Ectotherm Booster (formally known as Herpaboost) by a friend who had used it before to help unwell snakes regain body weight and health so I tried it.

I started with a small dose once a month in the food item and very quickly saw an increase in growth in the animals receiving this. The increase was around a 20% increase in weight and 12% in length. 

After the success I saw in juveniles I trialled it on sub-adult snakes in order to get them to a size and weight I was happy with to attempt to breed them and saw an increase of approx 50% body weight and size over a 16-month period. In comparison, the animals that didn’t receive Ectotherm Booster only increased about 15% in the same time period.

I highly recommend this product as assistance for getting animals back to health if unwell and underweight and to assist with getting size on small or young animals.


Zac B
Brown Snake
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