Lovebites DentaShield for Dogs

Item number: __00761

Approximately 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from some form of dental disease.

DentaShield chews are a functional chew designed to combat dental disease using a unique combination of natural ingredients.

Daily Formula – Vet formulated for daily use to assist ongoing oral health.
Biofilm Control – Polyphenols found in Norwegian Brown Kelp are clinically proven to assist in the reduction of plaque and gingivitis.
Tartar Reduction – SHMP aids in tartar control and is clinically proven to reduce dental calculus.
Natural Flavour – Tasty chew format they’ll love. Flavoured with Australian ovine plasma and kangaroo meat. No artificial binders, colours or flavours. Grain Free.

DentaShield chews have been Veterinary formulated for daily use as a treat to assist ongoing oral health.

Norwegian Brown Kelp protects the teeth from plaque accumulation while SHMP has been clinically proven to reduce tartar formation by up to 70%.

DentaShield chews do not require excessive chewing - great for dogs with sore teeth and small dogs that have difficulty with larger traditional sized dental treats.

Contains all natural flavours with ovine plasma and Australian kangaroo, with no artificial colours, flavours, or binders. Grain free.

Present to your dogs as a tasty treat directly from the hand.

Maintenance Dose: Provide 1 chew per 10kg of bodyweight daily.

1-5kg give ½ chew

5-10kg give 1 chew

10-20kg give 2 chews

20-30kg give 3 chews


Store in a cool, dry place and keep bag sealed once opened.


2 years from the date of manufacture

Norwegian brown kelp (714mg/chew)

SHMP (Sodium Hexametaphosphate) (193mg/chew)

Also contains: kangaroo meat, ovine plasma, sorbic acid, sorbitol, chicken, vegetable oil.