Heartgold Chewable

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Heartworm disease causes lasting damage to the heart, lungs and arteries, and can affect the dog’s health and quality of life, in severe cases it can be fatal.

Heartworm is preventable and prevention is simple. Heartgold Chewable is safe, effective and can be given straight from the hand as a chewable treat.

*** Not for sale in Australia.***

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Heartgold Chewables were formulated by veterinarians to prevent heartworm disease in dogs.

These chewables eliminate heartworm larvae (Dirofilaria immitis) which are acquired from infected mosquitoes within the previous 30 days.

They are moist, fresh, meaty chews flavoured with real kangaroo for optimum palatability and easy administration.

RESTRAINT: Do not use in puppies under 6 weeks of age.

Treatment for heartworm should occur regularly at 28-30 day intervals.

WARNING: Consult a veterinarian before use. Adverse reactions may occur when administering this product to dogs for prevention of heartworm.

The first chewable should be given before exposure to infected mosquitoes and only given to heartworm free dogs.

DOSE RATE: Dogs 12-22kg give one chewable per month. For dogs less than 12kg bodyweight give half a chew.

Treatment for heartworm should occur regularly at 28-30 day intervals. May be given to pregnant and stud dogs.


Store below 30°C (room temperature)


18 months from the date of manufacture

136 µg Ivermectin per chew