Ezybone Wormer Plus Small

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Worm infestation can cause serious health problems in dogs and if left untreated can lead to nutritional deficiency and weight loss.

Treating worms promptly reduces health risks to your dog, as well as the risk of the worms spreading to other pets and family members. Ezybone wormer plus also protects your dog from heartworm with an easy monthly dose that can be fed from the hand as a treat.

*** Not for sale in Australia.***

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Ezybone Wormer Plus was formulated by veterinarians for total control of all internal parasites in one easy dose. It controls internal parasites: Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) larvae, Tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum, Taenia spp., Echinococcus granulosis), Roundworm (Toxocara canis, Toxoscaris leonine), Hookworm (Ancylostoma spp., Uncinaria stenocephala), and Whipworm (Trichuris vulpis).

The actives are incorporated into a highly palatable base which is flavoured with kangaroo and liver, to make regular control easy.

WARNING: Consult a veterinarian before use.

Adverse reactions may occur when administering this product to dogs for prevention of heartworm.

Give 1 Ezybone Wormer Plus per month per 5kg (11lb) bodyweight.

Treatment for heartworm should occur regularly at 28-30 day intervals. May be fed from the hand or added to food.

The first chew should be given before exposure to infected mosquitoes and only given to heartworm free dogs.


Store below 30°C (room temperature).


5 years from date of manufacture.

Per tablet:

115 mg Oxibendazole

25mg Praziquantel

36µg Ivermectin.